first-baptist-church_smallFirst Baptist Church, Verona, Mississippi

Sunday, November 19th, 2006, First Baptist Church, Verona, Mississippi celebrates its 150th year of serving the Lord Jesus Christ in Verona and Lee County.

First Baptist Verona was originally named Mount Pisgah Baptist Church and was located in what was known as Bob McVey Place northwest of present day Verona. The church began its work in 1856. Brother Hiram Moore was the first pastor.

In 1860 the members voted to move the church and it’s building to a more centrally located part of the up and coming city of Verona. The lot, where the present church sits, was donated by church member Mr. J.R. Ratliff. The church was renamed Verona Baptist Church at the time.

Of the names known, there have been twenty-nine men to serve as pastor of FBC Verona. The reverend Jeff Anthony Rogers served as pastor for thirty plus years. During his tenure, the church led the area in per member missions giving. There have been 1513 reported baptisms over the past 150 years.

As membership grew, larger and more modern church houses were built. The present structure was erected in 1960. Reverend Gary Roberson now serves as pastor.


second-baptist-church_smallSecond Baptist Church, Verona, Mississippi

Second Baptist, formerly known as Center Hill was established in the 1800’s the exact date is not known. It was located out west of Verona, presently known as the Green Tee Community. The parcel of land is still there unclaimed to this date.

A division arose among the members and the Church split. Some of the members went to Blackland Church in Palmetto Community and the others purchased a parcel of land from L.T. Taylor on December 28, 1896. This property was located on east side of Verona where they organized “Center Hill M.B. Church which was located across the road from the old Second Baptist Church. Service was held in the Center Hill M.B. Church until it burned in April of 1956.

When the Church burned Chandler Temple C.M.E. Church of Verona and Mary C. Wade School, opened their Doors to the members. Sunday school was held at Mary C. Wade School and worship services were held in Chandler’s Temple Church on 2nd and 4th Sunday’s. Services were held in Chandlers Temple’s Sanctuary from April 1956 until July 1960.

On November 13, 1954 the members had purchased one and half acres of land from Cecile McGaughy Abbott. This plot of land was located across the road from the old Center Hill Church where the old Second Baptist Church would be constructed. In the year of 1958 construction began on the old Second Baptist Church and it was completed sometime in July of 1960.Servies was held in this church until July 2006.

On Sunday, July 23, 2006 members marched from the old Second Baptist Church to the new Second Baptist Church for their first worship service.


chandler-temple-cme-church_smallChandlers Temple, Verona, Mississippi

The history along a line at Chandlers Temple from 1859 to 1988. Much of the information was given by friends and associates of Sister Earlie Bell, who has been the church’s secretary for many years. Every church like every individual has a personality that is typical and characteristic of its style.

Chandlers’ membership is 127 with a long family heritage of traditional mainline values that were handed down through several generations. There will be many things that you as readers must interpret from your experiences and backgrounds. If all is not the exact way you have heard or known, let us bear in mind that it is better than no records at all when you need to rely on past information.

In 1859 is where our data began from the original name Verona Methodist Church. It was part of the Methodist Episcopal South which had split from the north over the slave issue in 1844.

The pioneers of Verona Methodist decided with God’s help to purchase some property. Brother John R. Ratliff donated land for both the Methodist and Baptist church in addition to the cemetery for Blacks and Whites burial. In 1875 Verona Methodist was moved to our present location under Bishop Miles in the Houston district. It was a white frame structure that enhoused the church and community school. The deeds were given to Black trustees, Bro. Richard C. Clark, Bro. Alfred Jones, and Bro. Joe Christian. They were recorded in Fulton, Mississippi book #16 in 1875. The church was destroyed in a storm with no exact date recorded except for the late 1890’s. It was rebuilt and renamed in honor of the pastorage of Rev. C.H. Chandlers at our present site on Holloway Avenue in Verona, Lee County, Mississippi. The presiding elder was Rev. J. B. Stepherson under the Bishop Elias Cottrell in 1906.

In 1987 under the leadership of Rev. William Petty Chandlers became a full service church.


methodist-church_smallVerona Methodist Church, Verona, Mississippi

The Verona Methodist Church had its beginning as Smuderman Church, one and one half miles west of Verona. About 1860 this church was moved to Verona and became the Verona Methodist Church. It faced to the east on the corner of Cobb and Main streets.

Mr. John R. Ratliff donated the land for the Methodist and Baptist churches. He also donated the land for the cemetery.

In 1873 the church was repaired, and in 1901 a new church was constructed. In 1943 the sanctuary of the church was remodeled, and in 1946 a basement and four Sunday school rooms were built north of the church. The Educational building was added to the church in 1958. In 1965 the old church was torn down, and in March of 1966 the present Methodist Church was finished.




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